IPA: ˈoʊfɪʃ


  • Characteristic of or resembling an oaf; clumsy, stupid.

Examples of "oafish" in Sentences

  • Beck's critics paint him as an oafish bigot.
  • His oafish rhetoric pissed me off personally.
  • The apparent meaning is a dumb, clumsy, oafish character.
  • Soon he sees many strange, weird, and oafish creatures around.
  • They had an oafish appearance but were very talented musicians.
  • He outlives his oafish companion, and seems to hate Ray even more.
  • In the anime, Ken Nakajima is a lovable but slightly oafish character.
  • My fellow, oafish roomate has shared my computer with me periodically.
  • Stud is brutal and oafish but Kitty is enamoured with his sexual performances.
  • I've seen it a hundred times: an oafish fan shamed out of F-bombs by kids sitting with their parents.
  • We additionally encounter Launce, a singular of Shakspere's commencement oafish ridiculous characters.
  • It was about male friendship too, but the friendships posed no dramatic challenges; the guys in that movie just were, oafish and entertaining.
  • I saw that from here on, he would become rather an oafish prop, so to speak, in the last act of something like that, without any great stature.
  • I fear that Dubya will get his testosterone stirred up again and make some kind of oafish, I'm a tough-ass from Crawford remark, like his moronic "Bring it On" dalliance with idiocy.
  • But with the acclaimed actor hiding himself so well in each character — and with other roles so different from the Chance family's lovably oafish patriarch — he's actually pretty hard to pin down.
  • Which is why Obama's paean to Lawrence Summers on Stewart show rang so clangorously, as he praised the oafish Harvard professor for having performed a heckuva job, a phrase that one might have thought would have been permanently exiled from the presidential lexicon.

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