IPA: ˈoʊkʌn


  • Made from the wood of the oak tree. Also in metaphorical uses, suggesting robustness.

Examples of "oaken" in Sentences

  • Some wines are aged in oaken casks.
  • Its oaken case is delicately carved and traceried.
  • Aidan turned, a new oaken strength to his features.
  • The elevator cage travelled in steam bent oaken tracks.
  • They ripen partly traditionally in barriques and other oaken casks.
  • He took the place of the quivering, buckling, sliding oaken timber.
  • A new oaken enclosure was built and new wiring and electric bellows bought.
  • Oaken defenders live in dryad groves and assist in the defense of such places.
  • He also enjoys imperial measures of foaming nut brown ale from the oaken cask.
  • The example he gave was "oaken", which is not quite the same as "made of oak".
  • Teams will be playing for assorted bells, cups, trophies, jugs and an old oaken bucket.
  • A heavy oaken shield was on his right arm, a steel-pointed lance clasped in his left hand.
  • He ran into the back room and yanked the false bottom out of the old oaken desk, pulled out the cloth-wrapped parcel, and set it on the desk.
  • Beyond an oaken dressing-table, with an orderly litter of combs and brushes and dainty feminine knickknacks, there was no sign of its being used as a bedroom.
  • His voice may not be as oaken as Richard Burton's was, or as burnished as John Gielgud's, but it's a beautifully modulated instrument with its own somber music.
  • Jeremy Herrin's production, filled with resonant hymns, captures precisely the oaken rituals of public-school life while conveying the agonised unhappiness of the boy-hero.
  • Warm light from kerosene lamps gives the impression of comfort, but despite woolen Oriental carpets insulating the hardwood floor and the heavy oaken wall panels, the cabin is unpleasantly chilly.
  • Aidan woke, blinking up into the gray of predawn, confusion at his whereabouts making him question the heavy oaken beams above his head, the draft from a rattling set of windows, and the dampness in the smelly blankets covering him.
  • Kaufmann's voice was at both its most limber and controlled here, his delivery achieving subtle colorations in the work's atmospheric hothouses, as with his nearly vibrato-less "Ich hab' im Traum geweinet" (I wept in my dream), his plangent "Aus alten Märchen winkt es" (From old fairy tales beckons...), and the oaken darkness of his "Die alten, bösen Lieder" (the old, angry songs), summing up the poet's journey.

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