IPA: ˈɔrswʊmʌn


  • A female oarsman.

Examples of "oarswoman" in Sentences

  • Eltis is a keen oarswoman, is a vegetarian and has two children.
  • She had thought herself a good oarswoman, but she was nothing to Olive.
  • During the summer and early fall, Sheila had become a splendid oarswoman.
  • She was a splendid oarswoman, and feathered her oars in the most approved fashion.
  • Angela, instructed by Sir Denzil, considerably advanced her power as an oarswoman.
  • I understood from what I heard later that the Gay Lady, although a fine oarswoman, did not row Rhodora about the river.
  • I was luckily to have experienced oarswoman Leanna steering our vessle, veteran of a mammoth 32 day canoe trip in Canada.
  • Something about the look in the eye of that Mississippi-bred oarswoman, who seemed such a force among her fellows, told him that he had better capitulate.
  • But she was not afraid of a little hard work, her muscles were supple, and she had rowed one season in the first eight at Briarwood Hall, and so considered herself something of an oarswoman.
  • The oarswoman in the bow knew her business, and with rapid glances over her shoulder not only kept the boat on its course but turned the bows into the worst of the waves to keep from capsizing.
  • Herschel, first amanuensis for her illustrious brother, and then his assistant in astronomical calculations, and then discovering worlds for herself, dying at ninety-eight years of age, still busy with the stars till she sped beyond them; as much as had Florence Nightingale, the nurse of the Crimea; or Grace Darling, the oarswoman of the Long

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