IPA: ˈoʊst


  • (Britain) A kiln for drying tobacco, malt and especially hops.

Examples of "oast" in Sentences

  • The building became an oast house.
  • The oast kilns remain to this day.
  • The purpose of an oast is to dry hops.
  • The earliest description of an oast dates from 1574.
  • In the grounds of Great Dixter is an early oast house.
  • It is a small theatre that is based in an old oast house.
  • In Kent, it is oast houses topped with white cowls and weather vanes.
  • A chapel at Frindsbury is also known to have been converted to an oast.
  • Caring has a number of modern farmhouses, in the style of an Oast house.
  • An oast at Hawkhurst was built with two octagonal kilns, across the flats.
  • Real photo postcard showing the result of the fire at Castle Farm oast, Hadlow.
  • This is, I realize, the chestnut-harvesting equivalent of a Kentish oast house: a miniature chestnut-drying house, a secadou.
  • Hop to It bines, oast Hops grow on 20-foot-long plants called bines that climb a trellis of twine and wire strung from tall poles.
  • Bine is derived from "bind" the flexible stem of a plant rather than "vine"; oast may be related to an Indo-European word for "fire."
  • The BBC has morphed in the oast few days into the Hamas Broadcasting Corporation, wilfully spinning events to suit their Gazan soul-mates.
  • The archive includes some of his earliest writings, including a wonky drawing of an oast house made when he was 10, carefully labelled "from Siegfried for Mamsy".
  • The plants produce cone-like flowers that are picked at the end of summer and dried in an oast—a kiln-heated barn that traditionally had pointed turrets with air vents on top.
  • I find the choice of a trio of Kent oast houses in the background interesting; this was a time when these vernacular buildings in the landscape would have typified the country life being sort after by the post war newly well-off.
  • Not your typical Rowland Hilder either ... quite often purchased as a 'Boots' print and featuring tip-carts, mangold wurzles, oast houses and wintery trees they're even disappearing from the car boot sales as the 'ironic decor' set pick up prints of The Green Girl along with the quintessentially English RH.

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