IPA: ʌb


  • (historical) a halfpenny
  • (archaic) an objection
  • (genetics) the obese gene
  • (meteorology) observation
  • A river in Russia; the westernmost of the three great Siberian rivers.
  • (sports) Initialism of Olympic best.
  • (television, radio) Initialism of outside broadcast.
  • Initialism of old boy. (male graduate; also a CB radio operator's term of address for a male) [(chiefly Britain) An alumnus, especially of a public school.]
  • Abbreviation of obstetrician. [(medicine) A physician who specializes in childbirth.]
  • Abbreviation of obstetrics. [(medicine) The care of women during and after pregnancy.]
  • Abbreviation of Old Babylonian. [The historical period of the First Babylonian Dynasty.]


  • Abbreviation of obstetric. [Of or relating to obstetrics (the care of women during and after pregnancy).]
  • (golf) Initialism of out of bounds.
  • Abbreviation of obligatory. (as in "ob. link" on Usenet) (see ObLink at c2.com; see also ob-) [Imposing obligation, legally, morally, or otherwise; binding; mandatory.]
  • Abbreviation of Old Babylonian.

Examples of "ob" in Sentences

  • Ob la di ob la da by The Beatles.
  • The abbreviation OB is used at the school.
  • It is the people of OB that are not neutral.
  • The Irtysh is the major tributary of the Ob.
  • The Katun and the Biya together form the Ob.
  • So did the main ob/gyn professor at my med school.
  • In the name ob luv, befores you breaks muh heart …
  • Jesse was the son of Obed and the grandson of Ruth.
  • September 20th, 2009 10: 19 am ET you lie again ob katiec
  • It is a right tributary of the Irtysh River of the Ob basin.
  • The line separates the upper basins of the Ob and Yenisei Rivers.
  • She was awarded the OBE in 1991 for 'services to the art of cookery'.
  • The majority of the district's inhabited localities are located along the Ob.
  • I called my ob/gyn and am going to have my yearly and also discuss a hysterectomy.
  • "I reckin," he said, "dat de min'ster might offer a word ob prar an 'comfort fore he go."
  • If ob is the nominee ..... who will he run to for "spiritual" guidance after McCain slaughters him in the general? bet those ties aren't severed after all.
  • "But, Geo'giana," he added impressively, "you mus 'promise me on your word ob honour, w'ich Geo'ge Foster says English gen'lemans _neber_ break -- an' I s'pose he's right."
  • I called ob at work. i thought i would say something nice before the weekend. i had this "brilliant" idea last night before i went to bed ... that she will always be in my heart and soul, like my brother.
  • Miss Hagar's pocket-hankercher and he guv me a bag made outen de skin ob a rattlesnake, an 'he put in it a rabbit's foot an' er sarpint's toof, an 'er squorerpin's tail wid a leetle dust outen de graveyard an' he sewed up de bag.
  • "Well, as I was 'bout to say, you mus 'promise me on your word ob honour, dat you'll neber go _alone_ to see your fadder, but allers in company wid Sally; dat you neber, neber speak to him, an' dat you neber make you'self know'd to him till de right time comes."

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