IPA: ˈɑbɫʌgˈeɪtoʊ


  • (music) An obbligato section; a prominent countermelody, often written to be played or sung above the principal theme (in a higher pitch range).

Examples of "obbligato" in Sentences

  • These parts were also obbligato in the sense of indispensable.
  • There was sometimes an obbligato line above or below the melody.
  • These parts were also obbligato in the sense of 'indispensable'.
  • 'A gentle obbligato to the life and death struggle in Lewis's study?
  • I have never heard anyone play the piccolo obbligato completely correctly.
  • The obbligato part is on smaller paper inserted into the first violin part.
  • Aria for alto in G minor with violin obbligato, marked Adagio, common time.
  •  The wind itself answered in a kind of obbligato descant: The Witch is dead!
  • If you want to sample his singing, try "Ich habe genug" on his Bach cantatas CD, with its quietly anguished oboe obbligato.
  • Con gli attori ho avuto un ottimo rapporto ... ad eccezione del "giovane" scelto, obbligato e protetto dal figlio di Lombardo (un disastro)!
  • The national anthem at last week's home opener at Fenway Park — performed by a Boston Pops contingent — included the now de rigueur obbligato of a military jet flyover.
  • The outstanding soloist in the concerto was 26-year-old Alec Frank-Gemmill, playing a valveless instrument, as were the obbligato horn section, conjuring misty overtones and harmonics, mellow in mood as well as raw.
  • And since it's rare that a celebrity performer takes on any of these challenges, I'd like to applaud violinist Hilary Hahn for her latest recording in which she joins forces with two of the world's most artistic singers in a dozen Bach arias with violin obbligato.
  • Recitative comes in two main forms, semplice or secco, which comprises most of the dialogue, and accompagnato or obbligato, which is reserved for passages requiring particular dramatic emphasis, though fully spoken parts (parlante), were not uncommon, particularly in Mozart.

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