IPA: ˈɑbdɝʌsi


  • The state of being obdurate, intractable, or stubbornly inflexible.

Examples of "obduracy" in Sentences

  • Her obduracy prevailed.
  • I encountered such obduracy.
  • So, there must be quite a lot of obduracy to get a fine.
  • This is the direct result of Israel's obstruction and obduracy.
  • I have really tried, but have seldom encountered such obduracy.
  • We recently topic banned an IP for a similar campaign of obduracy.
  • They court disaster with obduracy at every critical juncture of governance.
  • If my obduracy has brought the mediation to a shuddering halt then I'm sorry.
  • Why should his obduracy prevent the insertion of a verified fact in the entry
  • Hisagency has been criticized for obduracy and for not reining in environmental zealots.
  • Through it all, the search for bin Laden proceeded with bureaucracy's unique talent for obduracy.
  • All however agree, that no man who ever sat on the bench deserved the imputation of "obduracy" less than Baron Graham.
  • Even so, events could turn against Republican Machiavellians inasmuch as their obduracy is the best thing Democrats have going for them now that Obamamania has all but disappeared.
  • As we all know, because President Obama, UK Foreign Secretary Miliband and the serried ranks of the EU keep telling us, it is Israel’s obduracy which is holding up a resolution of the Middle East impasse.
  • But there are also the white clergy (and rabbi); usually, they were pusillanimous and hesitant to move more than a step or two beyond their conservative members, most of whom supported the egregious Jew-turned-Episcopalian Mayor Henry Loeb, who rivals in obduracy George W. Bush.
  • Hugo says the sinner is "bound down by obduracy of soul, and by the penalty of future damnation"; the grace of God frees man from the darkness brought on by sin, while the absolution of the priest delivers him from the penalty which sin imposes — "The malice of sin is best described as obduracy of heart, which is first broken by sorrow, that later, in confession, the sin itself, i.e. the penalty of damnation, be remitted."

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