IPA: ˈɑbdɝʌt


  • (transitive, obsolete) To harden; to obdure.


  • Stubbornly persistent, generally in wrongdoing; refusing to reform or repent.
  • (obsolete) Physically hardened, toughened.
  • Hardened against feeling; hard-hearted.

Examples of "obdurate" in Sentences

  • I am notoriously obdurate.
  • You just enjoy being obdurate.
  • I don't wish to be seen as obdurate.
  • The greater number remained obdurate.
  • Stop being obdurate and concede the point.
  • It just seems like obdurate bloody mindedness to me.
  • These policies are not weapons to destroy an obdurate editor.
  • King Behanzin, his son and successor, was even more obdurate.
  • Actually, there are some fairly obdurate myths about the London climate.
  • George passed from life with the kind of obdurate resistance and strength of spirit with which he had lived.
  • You won't hear American announcers call an "obdurate defense," a terrific pass a "rapier thrust" or a tying goal the "equalizer."
  • He also defended his seizure of white-owned farms, saying the program pitted the majority against the white minority he described as obdurate and backed by the British.
  • Geithner plainly has no patience for what he describes as the obdurate unwillingness of colleagues to subordinate their desire for superficial impact to the larger vision.
  • She said the LRC was extremely proud of its achievements with the community that included a victory in the Constitutional Court, against "obdurate" opposition by government.
  • He also defended his seizure of white-owned farms, saying the program pitted the majority against an "obdurate" racial minority which he alleged was "supported and manipulated" by Blair.
  • He thrilled even now at the recollection of the Hadendowas leaping and stabbing through the breach of McNeil's zareba six miles from Suakin; he recalled the obdurate defence of the Berkshires, the steadiness of the Marines, the rallying of the broken troops.
  • In their valuation of the distribution of grace, theologians distinguish somewhat sharply between ordinary sinners (among whom they include habitual and relapsing sinners) and those sinners whose intellect is blinded, and whose heart is hardened, the so-called obdurate sinners (obcaecati et indurati, impaenitentes).

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