IPA: oʊbˈiʌ


  • A form of folk magic, medicine or witchcraft originating in Africa and practised in parts of the Caribbean.
  • A magician or witch doctor of the magic craft.
  • A spell performed in the practice of the magic craft; an item associated with such a spell.


  • (transitive) To bewitch using this kind of folk magic.

Examples of "obeah" in Sentences

  • Thelema has nothing to do with Obeah.
  • This page needs to go back into Obeah.
  • An obia or obeah is a monster in est African folklore.
  • Obeah can either be a form of 'dark' magic or 'good' magic.
  • So the topic covers the phrase from the book, and not just Obeah data.
  • Another aspect of the culture is the idea of the mystical healing and Obeah.
  • The practice of obeah is however illegal in The Bahamas and punishable by law.

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