IPA: oʊbˈidiʌns


  • The quality of being obedient.
  • The collective body of persons subject to any particular authority.
  • A written instruction from the superior of an order to those under him.
  • Any official position under an abbot's jurisdiction.

Examples of "obedience" in Sentences

  • There was an element of subservience, obedience.
  • The word obedience made me smile through my tears.
  • There was an element of subservience and obedience.
  • Also, the obedience section belongs in the teachings.
  • He uses this control to extort wealth and obedience from the populace.
  • He declares that his job is to help “win obedience from the Gentiles.”
  • The word obedience comes from the Latin obedire, which means "listen to."
  • The readiness of my obedience is the only atonement I can offer for the weakness which calls for its exertion.
  • Besides the exercises it offers for developing will-power, the other factor in obedience is the capacity to perform the act it becomes necessary to obey.
  • While the parent must thus take care to establish the _principle of authority_ as the ground of obedience on the part of his children, and must not make their doing what he requires any the less acts of _obedience_, through vainly attempting to diminish the hardship of obeying a command by mingling the influence of reasonings and persuasions with it, he may in other ways do all in his power -- and that will be a great deal -- to make the acts of obedience easy, or, at least, to diminish the difficulty of them and the severity of the trial which they often bring to the child.

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