IPA: oʊbˈidiʌntɫi


  • In an obedient manner.

Examples of "obediently" in Sentences

  • Obediently, Casanova hands Manusardi the bridle.
  • She fears him greatly and follows orders obediently.
  • So the King bade him enter the closet and he went in obediently.
  • He put the wheel hard over, and the yacht whirled around obediently.
  • Farree mouthed the word obediently but absently for he was surprised.
  • Medvedev would "obediently" withdraw as United Russia party candidate.
  • Hilda signed her name obediently, and a square wooden box was brought in.
  • The Flopper turned his head, called obediently, and in a dazed sort of way came himself to the window.
  • And as the little head went down again obediently on his shoulder, he gave again a gentle kiss to her lips.
  • At the top, a similar pivoting section of shelves swung obediently to her press of button and let her noiselessly into his room.
  • And this law, with only an occasional violation, had been obediently observed by the Greek fishermen who caught salmon for the canneries and the market.

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