IPA: oʊbˈeɪsʌns


  • Demonstration of an obedient attitude, especially by bowing deeply; a deep bow which demonstrates such an attitude.
  • An obedient attitude.

Examples of "obeisance" in Sentences

  • He demands obeisance from his peons.
  • I want you to accept my humble obeisance.
  • They bowed down in obeisance before Shiva.
  • He also offered his obeisance to the sacred Granth.
  • He is fed up with everyone paying obeisance to his wife.
  • The Prince made obeisance to heaven, earth and ancestors.
  • We now make obeisance and are mindful of the primary truth.
  • March 26th, 2010 at 1: 59 pm tombaker says: obeisance is freedom!
  • They receive on obeisance from all creation, both angels and people.
  • An obeisance is a gesture not only of respect but also of submission.
  • The slavering obeisance present here is not to be found at all on that page.
  • I bow in obeisance: They implemented the classic game Defender … in a favicon.
  • The kek would sweep inwards as the van roared along the lane; bowing in obeisance.
  • It was a knee-jerk design modification made in obeisance to the myth that Americans hate hatchbacks.
  • The business recalls the obeisance to certain Italian gentlemen once required of American presidential candidates.
  • The business recalls the obeisance to certain Italian gentlemen once required of American presidential candidates, Jenkins wrote, adding:
  • Consistent with your view that Congressmen pass laws in obeisance with their oath, I assume that those same Congressman did the same when passing broad Commerce Clause legislation.
  • And the feeling for those he loved survived them, and it is monstrous to represent its unspoken and controlled/[Page xxxiv]/expression in obeisance and gesture as a sign of "agonising remorse."
  • Thou knowest with what joy I roamed over thy confines, and beheld the universal beauty that then was spread around; how tenderly I whispered through thy flowers, how joyfully I carried up their fragrant odours as a thank-offering to heaven; how merrily I sported on the hills, or taught the branches of thy lofty trees to bow, as in obeisance to Him who made them!

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