IPA: ˈɑbɪɫˈɪsk


  • (architecture) A tall, square, tapered, stone monolith topped with a pyramidal point, frequently used as a monument.
  • (typography) Synonym of obelus
  • (historical) A symbol resembling a horizontal line (–), sometimes together with one or two dots (for example, ⨪ or ÷), which was used in ancient manuscripts and texts to mark a word or passage as doubtful or spurious, or redundant.
  • A dagger symbol (†), which is used in printed matter as a reference mark to refer the reader to a footnote, marginal note, etc.; beside a person's name to indicate that the person is deceased; or beside a date to indicate that it is a person's death date.


  • (entomology, of a dragonfly) To adopt the obelisk posture; to point the tip of the abdomen towards the sun.

Examples of "obelisk" in Sentences

  • Rome is the obelisk capital of the world.
  • There is an obelisk marking the spot of the catastrophe.
  • The great obelisk is but one of the many cases in point.
  • At the base of the obelisk is a plaque with the inscription.
  • The obelisk was erected in the village of Norane in Sogndal.
  • The bottom side of the obelisk is still attached to the bedrock.
  • At the base of the obelisk, there is a plaque with the inscription.
  • The obelisk is the sentinel of a very advanced extraterrestrial race.
  • The area around the horse and obelisk is owned by the National Trust.
  • Floodlights on each corner illuminate the shaft of the Obelisk at night.
  • In the center of the terrace, a large and ornate base supports the obelisk.
  • Well, moving the obelisk is something spectacular at that time, and even attracting people.
  • Today, the obelisk is a common sight in cemeteries across America, standing as memorials to the deceased.
  • On the other side of the water, the New York Sun called the obelisk "terrific humbug," and "only a broken, decaying and disfigured old block of stone."
  • The colossi are of black granite; the obelisk is of red, highly polished, and covered on all four sides with superb hieroglyphs in three vertical columns.
  • "Our prime minister tells us that the return of the obelisk is a Tigrian affair, not the business of us southern people," says Alemayehu, an ethnic Oromo who works for a non-governmental organization that helps the rural poor outside the capital, Addis Ababa.
  • It was so far off her personal awareness sensors that the obelisk was the first artifact Abramowitz had ever physically encountered from the planet, an admission she made somewhat sheepishly considering her role as a cultural specialist attached to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

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