IPA: oʊbˈisʌti


  • (pathology) The state of being obese.

Examples of "obesity" in Sentences

  • He discussed the basis of the obesity epidemic.
  • A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of obesity.
  • The behavioral approach to the management of obesity.
  • Inactivity is one of the biggest reasons for obesity.
  • It relates to handling of the intestinal flora and obesity.
  • Secondhand obesity is the effect of a parent's obesity on the child.
  • The term obesity was constructed by the medical community, Kwan says.
  • But Good feels remorse for his part in what he calls the obesity of the time.
  • The obese male in the obesity article is a lot more straightforward and honest.
  • Indeed, I have previously proposed that the rise in obesity is more closely related to the mental [...]
  • What's more, "obesity" is neither a bona fide medical diagnosis nor a dummy variable (e.g., the way that "diabetes" or "HIV+" are).
  • As with other chronic diseases, our challenge in obesity is not how to get patients to start treatment - the challenge is how to get patients to stick with the treatment forever.
  • However, Betty Sherry, the CDC obesity expert, told me that overweight was the terminology more accepted for childrenalthough thats being debatedto help avoid the stigma of the term obesity.
  • The men in this study (n = 17) understand the word obesity differently from the clinical definition; "obesity" was used as a description of those with fat in a central distribution, and understandings of the term commonly take into account fitness as well as weight.
  • I, of course, talked about how obesity is one of the root causes of most chronic diseases and that we are not about to see an end to the increase in obesity-related health costs, because we devote virtually no resources to actually treating obesity - health professionals have little training or incentives to deliver obesity treatments, prescription drugs for obesity are still not covered by most plans, availability of obesity surgery remains several orders of magnitude below the actual demand.

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