IPA: ˈɑbfʌskeɪt


  • To make dark; to overshadow.
  • To deliberately make more confusing in order to conceal the truth.
  • (computing) To alter code while preserving its behavior but concealing its structure and intent.


  • (obsolete) Obfuscated; darkened; obscured.

Examples of "obfuscate" in Sentences

  • It obfuscates the coding of the main page.
  • The corporation tries to obfuscate the facts.
  • It obfuscates the reader, not clarify the reader.
  • All the changes serve to obfuscate the basic issue.
  • Obviously, the feathers obfuscate the body of the animal.
  • It is deliberately obfuscated in the documents referred to.
  • The idea of any encyclopedia is to inform, not obfuscate the facts.
  • The word "obfuscate" is a word only the very rich would use and will be taxed.
  • You STILL haven’t stepped up and argued the points, why you obfuscate is beyond me.
  • And the prize for the most uses of the word obfuscate or derivatives thereof goes to…
  • Your email address will be hidden, but it is still recommended that you "obfuscate" your email address, or simply leave a homepage URL.
  • Also, good use of the word obfuscate … and the Marxist stuff … but I know what obfuscate means … and I don’t know anything about Marx himay
  • When it came to discussing facts, she seemed to obfuscate the issue (Sarah, if you're reading this, don't be embarrassed to look up "obfuscate").
  • However, let's distract and obfuscate from the glaring flaws of the current administration and revel in the hate for an administration that is no longer in office.
  • If you want it can also "obfuscate" the variables which saves bandwith and as side effect make them harder to reuse (not something you'd want as open source developer).
  • I've just highlighted this post on Twitter and in my resource about How to write an Artist's Statement with the suggestion that it's absolutely essential reading anytime an artist feels tempted to "obfuscate"!

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