IPA: ˈoʊbi


  • A sash worn with a kimono.
  • A strip of paper looped around a book or other product.
  • Alternative form of obeah [A form of folk magic, medicine or witchcraft originating in Africa and practised in parts of the Caribbean.]

Examples of "obi" in Sentences

  • Makes sense that that'd be an obi.
  • Different obi are used with yukata.
  • It is ruled by a monarch or the Obi.
  • Its headquarters are in the town of Obi.
  • The colour of the obi has no significance.
  • The lighter fukuro obi has taken the place of maru obi.
  • The lighter 'fukuro obi' has taken the place of maru obi.
  • My obi was a work of art that had taken three years to create.
  • A sakiori obi is similar to a hanhaba obi in size and extremely informal.
  • A Netsuke is an ornament suspended from the obi and worn by Children's obi.
  • Finally, Obi Wan manages to disengage and somersault onto the river's shore.
  • My obi was the dusk red of salt shallows, dyed with a pattern of maple trees.
  • And an obi is the wide band of material that you wrap around your waist over top of a kimono.
  • (I learned later the obi was a bargain: Such high-quality, hand-embroidered sashes are rare.)
  • •The kimono a long, wide-sleeved robe worn with a wide sash called an obi is a traditional garment.
  • It was a robe the color of a mountain potato, covered with soft gray hatchmarks, and her obi was a simple pattern of black diamonds on a background of deep blue.

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