IPA: ˈoʊbɪt


  • (archaic) Death of a person.
  • (Christianity, historical) A mass or other service held for the soul of a dead person.
  • A record of a person's death.
  • (colloquial) An obituary.

Examples of "obit" in Sentences

  • The obit was in the Daily Telegraph.
  • That, and the only source is an obit.
  • This is an editorially prepared obit.
  • Another article submitted as an obit.
  • Hoping to stumble on an obit or something.
  • That was it, the whole reason for the obit.
  • The obits are, not surprisingly, reverential.
  • And the NY obit is not sufficient in and of itself.
  • Their political obit is practically writing itself.
  • Also the obiter dictum is often taken in to account.
  • Apologies for the clumsy citations of the two items from the Time obit.
  • Editor’s Note: A well written obit is the equivalent of a fine essay or short story.
  • The obit is part of a series of segments with prominent individuals called "Last Word."
  • ACTUAL RECORDS no medals, no pilot, no SEAL yet his obit is what will stand through time
  • Maybe when Reynolds goes, his obit will be the only Instapundit post to allow comments...
  • Unfortunately, the 1,236-word obit never once uses the "t" word that would best sum up Habash's life -- "terrorist."
  • Kollock, Peter (November 1, 1959 – January 10, 2009) Daily Bruin obit; UCLA Today obit; Connected Action tribute (blog)
  • It's only fitting to link to the Washington Post obituary, co-credited to Woodward himself, although the New York Times obit is actually more enlightening.
  • April 14th, 2005 at 1:07 pm one thing that took me a bit offguard from the obit were the mentioning of her friendship with brittish author Michael Moorcock.

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