object recognition

IPA: ˈɑbdʒɛktrɛkʌgnˈɪʃʌn


  • the visual perception of familiar objects

Examples of "object-recognition" in Sentences

  • The bottom line: Luminate, which specializes in image-based ads, is allowing developers to use its object-recognition technology.
  • Mice with the SIRT1 gene missing in the brain performed poorly on several memory and learning tests, including object-recognition tasks and a water maze.
  • Multi-touch, gesture - and object-recognition support are just an aspect of NUI, with speech being at least equally as important, albeit receiving less focus for the time being.
  • Last year, for less than $3000, he built a 16-GPU "monster" desktop supercomputer to generate and test over 7000 possible variations of an object-recognition algorithm on video clips.
  • The other thing that stokes me is the prospect of using location-aware devices and object-recognition technology to allow destinations – like Venice – to tell their stories to travelers.
  • It is very hard to make sense of these data without supposing that the sensorimotor perceptual system is functionally and anatomically distinct from the object-recognition/conscious system.
  • For instance, perceptual processing, from the perception of color, distance, and location, to object-recognition, occurs largely below the level of awareness and without intention or conscious effort.

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