IPA: ʌbdʒˈɛktʌfʌkˈeɪʃʌn


  • The process of objectifying something.

Examples of "objectification" in Sentences

  • A word that is drenched in objectification of women as forbidden beings.
  • Objectification is objectification, which is the foundation of heterocentric/heteronormative sex.
  • Put simply, objectification is when a person, or character in the case of fiction, is treated like a thing.
  • Unfortunately, this objectification is encouraged by Hollywood films, the Internet, and yes, the music industry.
  • I mean, I ended up liking you and I think you’re a cool girl and all… but that’s pretty much the definition of objectification.
  • /waves a card with the word "Context" daubed in thick, black paint in the direction of anybody calling objectification, at this stage.
  • What makes oppression a specific form of objectification is that it operates through the institutions that are controlled by a minority.
  • When I posed this question to Gayle Bessenoff, a body image researcher at Southern Connecticut State University, she referred to objectification theory.
  • In one of her famously impassioned speeches - between threats to bloody noses - she blasted what she called the objectification, disrespect and "violence" toward women, slamming her fist so hard against the lectern that her bracelet shattered.
  • As such, objectification is very much a part of our contemporary social condition because on a daily basis we are surrounded by and possibly even culpable such acts because the simple, if tragic, fact is that there are innumerable ways to objectify people.

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