IPA: ʌbdʒˈɛktʌfaɪ


  • To make (something, such as an abstract idea) possible to be perceived by the senses.
  • To treat (something) as objectively real.
  • To treat (someone) as a mere (often sexual) object, denying their dignity.

Examples of "objectify" in Sentences

  • How can one objectify the greatest rivalry
  • It would not be possible to objectify the article.
  • To 'objectify' is to perceive or regard a person as an object.
  • Instead, biased opinion was editted to objectify the statement.
  • They can never be fully known, as to know it is to objectify it.
  • On one hand, an attempt by the squeamish to objectify their biases.
  • This is due to the medical gaze's tendency to objectify the patient.
  • It is objectifying, inaccurate, and based solely on the writers preferences.
  • She strikes me as a woman who would not "objectify" herself -- she doesn't need to do so, being at the top of her sport.
  • The reasoning in the article is poor, and the author's claim that the word objectify "is often used, but rarely defined" is absurd.
  • Therefore, pornography cannot "objectify" a sexual act as the author claims, because an act in itself does not have any humanity to lose.
  • A favorite example of mine is the old feminist declaration that men "objectify" women when they respond to female beauty as nature decrees.
  • To a certain extent, it's more accepted that they "objectify" themselves, because they're guys, and guys are like, supposed to do that or something. said ...
  • Another argument for the view that Republicans make better poker players is that poker rewards what feminists have long considered one of the worst attributes of men: the capacity to "objectify" the other.
  • Sexual Relations With Hot Models - I never said the items on this list had to be "things," although I suppose a person who makes a living by selling products based entirely upon how they looking wearing and/or holding those things does kind of objectify them.

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