IPA: ʌbdʒˈɛkʃʌnʌbʌɫ


  • Arousing disapproval; worthy of objection; offensive.

Examples of "objectionable" in Sentences

  • The part is objectionable.
  • Is there something objectionable in the article
  • I find the use of the generic male pronoun objectionable.
  • I think the objectionable material is the survey, to be honest.
  • The important thing is that he stops the objectionable behavior.
  • The method of the system eliminates the usual objectionable odors.
  • I will edit the article to tone down the use of objectionable terms.
  • It's deemed to be patronising, sanctimonious and totally objectionable.
  • Although Ella found the term objectionable, she was eager to know more.
  • Regarding the present state of the translation, I agree it is objectionable.
  • Breaking the taboo is usually considered objectionable or abhorrent by society.
  • The letter was printed under a clever headline I still don't understand, so I thought I'd better explain here why I find the term objectionable
  • Acting Home Affairs Minister Brian Chituwo directed police last week to investigate what he described as objectionable statements attributed to some politicians.
  • Most recently:•New York City's Department of Education blocked Google Images last month for what it called "objectionable content" but later left it up to schools whether to allow it.
  • Chagoya said the part of his work that critics find objectionable is part of his statement on problems he sees with religious institutions, including the sex-abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic church.

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