IPA: ʌbdʒˈɛkʃʌnʌbʌɫnʌs


  • The quality of being objectionable.

Examples of "objectionableness" in Sentences

  • Thus, however, is no proof of the objectionableness of censorship in itself, merely evidence of its defective execution.
  • "Not that any number of baths," he remarked, "would conceal a man's objectionableness from an antelope -- not even a she-one."
  • Indeed, so disturbing was it, not because of any inherent objectionableness, but because of its implication of a change, that the
  • So, in every wood and street and building there are things, not seen of older people at all, which make up their whole desirableness or objectionableness to children.
  • I have a holy horror of babies, to whatever nationality they may belong; but for general objectionableness I believe there are none to compare with the Australian baby.
  • This seems like a case people are vaguely uneasy about something that seems analogous to various other objectionable things, but where in fact the analogies break down precisely at the points of objectionableness.
  • But, quite apart from the objectionableness of falsifying a most extraordinary true story, any such trite devices would spoil, to my mind, the peculiar effect of this dark world, with its livid green illumination and its drifting Watchers of the
  • It was difficult for him, with his published views on the objectionableness of occasional conformity, and the propriety of Dissenters leaving the magistracy in the hands of the Church, to maintain his new position, without incurring the charge of inconsistency.

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