IPA: ʌbdʒˈɛkʃʌnʌbɫi


  • In an objectionable manner.

Examples of "objectionably" in Sentences

  • Oops - is “pompous asses” objectionably profane when talking about my representatives?
  • I believe my instinct or inclination was to satisfy this convention as quickly and un-objectionably as possible and get out of there.
  • It is also an extraordinarily popular charge against theological voluntarism that it entails, objectionably, that morality is arbitrary.
  • The monarch will retain a special role in the established Church, but Charles wants this to seem less objectionably monocultural and medieval.
  • Alterman's proposal is nuts, and objectionably nutty, because the courtroom and the classroom are very poor models for a political or social forum.
  • Such sentiments will make her attractive to her party's Angry Left base, which otherwise would find her positions on issues like Iraq objectionably reasonable.
  • As far as the same-sex marriage, pornography, etc. they have to be, as you say, “objectionably wrong”, in order for them to be regulated according to a Hayekian model of libertarianism.
  • Almost half the agreements authorized eviction for residents who become "uncooperative and unmanageable," "unduly noisy," "objectionably untidy" or for other reasons not permitted under federal law.
  • If people behave a certain way, if they violate norms or act objectionably, then those people forfeit their place in the chain of being, leaving them worthy only of the respect due to lesser animals.
  • And, thus, what those who claim that theological voluntarism entails that morality is objectionably arbitrary mean is that if theological voluntarism is true, then there are some moral states of affairs that both lack a justification and are not necessary.

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