IPA: ɑbdʒˈɛktɪvɫi


  • In an impartial, objective manner.
  • (informal) Without question, without a doubt, definitely, indisputably, not meriting discussion or argument.

Examples of "objectively" in Sentences

  • It is the journalists job to explain objectively the views of both sides.
  • If you look at Sarah Palin objectively, you see a very popular and effective Governor of Alaska.
  • I submit the world of reasoned inquiry has a very similar relation to the world I call objectively real.
  • Looking at that first term objectively, we can see that John and Mary really did have a relatively easy time.
  • So yes, I watch myself on film as much as possible because the learning curve just objectively is through the roof.
  • Right-wing nuts far and wide – and I mean that term objectively as anyone looking forward to Biblical Rapture is bat-shit insane – were salivating for today.
  • Secondly, the corporate media continue to rely, and indeed promote, the so-called maverick image of John McCain that, objectively, is simply an old coat that no longer fits.
  • Nor does any count of positive/negative stories, unless you are willing to make unfounded a priori claims about the underlying events (i.e., that Obama and McCain "objectively warranted" equally positive coverage). kth
  • He was on her mind, he was even in a manner on her hands -- as a distinct thing, that is, from being, where he had always been, merely deep in her heart and in her life; too deep down, as it were, to be disengaged, contrasted or opposed, in short objectively presented.

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