IPA: ʌbdʒˈɛktɪvnʌs


  • The characteristic of being objective; neutrality.

Examples of "objectiveness" in Sentences

  • Do liberals have concious, or at the very least any objectiveness?
  • If only you had the depth and objectiveness to realize Obama supports NCLB as well.
  • But still a far cry from what is quintessentially journalism, objectiveness and research.
  • OTOH, the media can prove their “objectiveness” by going after Dems. who would dare do the same thing.
  • You don†™ t seem to understand basic objections to claims for the existence of god, and threw fits over the objectiveness of the
  • They couldn't come out and state that they're looking for wealthy kids, as that would undermine the objectiveness of their academic standards.
  • This just shows a complete lack of objectiveness by the BBC management when it comes to looking at how the listening public view BBC radio programmes.
  • He said Costa Rica would bring to the council its objectiveness and make a conscious effort to not allow the council to become politicized - a charge often leveled by its critics.
  • Now, please provide links to where The Times has chosen to carry the Republican Party's water in an EDITORIAL ... not an individual endorsement ... unless you want to continue to use the 'broken clock' theory to prove the objectiveness of the Puget Sound media.
  • During thousands of years of theological and philosophical twisting and turning, nobody has apparently managed to come up with a method to demonstrate (or even approximate a demonstration of) the objectiveness of a given moral claim, or we would have heard about it by now from our esteemed but misguided philosophers at this blog.

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