IPA: ɑbdʒɛktˈɪvɪti


  • The state of being objective, just, unbiased, and not influenced by emotions or personal prejudices.
  • The world as it really is; reality.

Examples of "objectivity" in Sentences

  • "That kind of objectivity is really hard for the control freak."
  • The test of objectivity is whether the story you write fairly presents the relevant sides.
  • I know, I know: this is most emphatically not how we generally hear the term objectivity bandied about.
  • If you cannot say objectively that threatening to blow up the world's economy was an extreme position, then the word "objectivity" is meaningless.
  • Journalists will always say that they seek "balance" to maintain "objectivity," but in reality "balance" is a poor substitute for careful investigation and presentation of the facts.
  • In interpretation, because the specific individual horizon of the interpreter is constitutive for that interpretation, the term objectivity refers to the inter-subjective accessibility of the object of interpretation.
  • The only way to truly guarantee objectivity is to return to the very elements of scientific discovery and that is the element of reproducibility - anyone repeating the same experiment or analysing the same data set should be able to come to exactly the same results and conclusions.

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