IPA: ɑbdʒˈɝgˈeɪʃʌn


  • (uncommon) A strong rebuke or scolding.

Examples of "objurgation" in Sentences

  • Mr. The Englishman had got as far into his usual objurgation as,
  • The objurgation of David Deans, however well meant, was unhappily timed.
  • “Ass and mule thyself, Hauptman,” said the Swiss, in answer to this objurgation.
  • And she had been divided between objurgation of the stupid, heavy-sleeping butler and doubt if the bell were in order.
  • Henry propped himself up on an elbow and looked to see his comrade standing among the dogs beside the replenished fire, his arms raised in objurgation, his face distorted with passion.
  • Elspat, disdaining to continue the objurgation, or perhaps feeling her grief likely to overmaster her power of expressing her resentment, had left the hut, and was walking forth in the bright moonshine.
  • Obama's policies are certainly worthy of objurgation, especially his grievous misjudgment at the end of 2009 to cast an additional 30,000 troops into the Afghan abyss in support of a failing counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy.

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