IPA: oʊbɫˈænsiʌɫeɪt


  • (botany, of leaves) Of a reversed lanceolate shape: attached to the stem by the pointed end, with the other end rounded.

Examples of "oblanceolate" in Sentences

  • The leaves are green and oblanceolate.
  • Leaves are short and oblanceolate to oblong.
  • The leaves are long, oblanceolate with a short petiole.
  • Basal leaves are oblanceolate in shape and have petioles.
  • This leaf is right in the middle so went with oblanceolate.
  • Leaves are oblanceolate and are arranged oppositely on the stem.
  • The leaves grow in whorls, and are undulate, shiny, and oblanceolate.
  • The leaves grow in whorls, and are undulated, shiny, and oblanceolate.
  • The leaves are obovate or oblanceolate, sometimes narrow oblanceolate.
  • Leaf shapes are narrowly obovate to oblanceolate or narrowly elliptic .
  • The _second glume_ is lanceolate, membranous, hairy at the top, 3-nerved with margins infolded; _palea_ is oblanceolate, thinly membranous, nerveless and ciliated at the top; there are three _stamens_ and two
  • The _third glume_ is broadly elliptic or ovate, concave, awned, 3-nerved, with margins densely bearded above the middle and sparsely bearded dorsally on both the sides of the mid-nerve; the _palea_ is oblanceolate, as long as the glume, folded inside along the margins and outside along the middle, enclosing three _stamens_ and _ovary_.

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