IPA: ɑbɫˈeɪt


  • (Roman Catholicism) A person dedicated to a life of religion or monasticism, especially a member of an order without religious vows or a lay member of a religious community.
  • A child given up by its parents into the keeping or dedication of a religious order or house.


  • To offer as either a gift or an oblation.


  • Flattened or depressed at the poles.

Examples of "oblate" in Sentences

  • Fully oblate object is a disk.
  • The earth is an oblate spheroid.
  • The outer surface is visualized as an oblate spheroid.
  • People dispute the fact that the Earth is an oblate spheroid.
  • The figure of the Earth is to first order an oblate spheroid.
  • The shape of the Earth is very close to that of an oblate spheroid.
  • Another is that the Earth is slightly deformed into an oblate spheroid.
  • Rotation about the other axis produces the oblate spheroidal coordinates.
  • In the sky above, the oblate form of Achernar shined a cool bluish white.
  • Note that you omitted your latest "pious title" which at last count was now "oblate".
  • An oblate is a secular Benedictine; that’s for people who are married, or even Protestants.
  • At a later date the word "oblate" was used to describe such lay men or women as were pensioned off by royal and other patrons upon monasteries or benefices, where they lived as in an almshouse or hospital.
  • He remains one year in the novitiate, and then becomes an "oblate" for seven years; another year's novitiate is then gone through, at the end of which he is called conversus, and his simple vows are taken for three years.
  • The Church, therefore, in the twelfth century, forbade the dedication of children in this way, and the term oblate has since been taken to mean persons, either lay or cleric, who voluntarily attach themselves to some monastery or order without taking the vows of religious.
  • Therefore, we—as the children of monkeys who fetishized symmetry and evenness—inherited a desire to live in a perfectly round world instead of a flat-topped oblate spheroid; to want planets that traveled in perfectly round orbits instead of weird egg-shaped ellipses and an Earth that looked like an inkblot with the equator as the fold.

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