IPA: ɑbɫˈeɪtnʌs


  • (uncountable) The state of being oblate
  • (countable) The degree to which something is oblate

Examples of "oblateness" in Sentences

  • -- Discovery by Newton of the oblateness of the Earth.
  • Two facts are revealed by the oblateness of the earth: 1.
  • Discovery by Cassini of the oblateness of the planet Jupiter.
  • I had prepared a map of its track, in which an important error of the Berliner Jahrbuch (arising from neglect of the earth's oblateness) was corrected.
  • Newton's derivation of the precession from the gravitational action of the Moon and Sun raised three unresolved questions: What are the correct values for the mass of the Moon and the oblateness of the Earth?
  • If he looked carefully, he could just see that Saturn was not a perfect disk; on either side was something that no unaided human eye had ever seen before - the slight oblateness caused by the presence of the rings.
  • Applying the idea of centrifugal force to the earth considered as a rotating body, he perceived that it could not be a true sphere, and calculated its oblateness, obtaining 28 miles greater equatorial than polar diameter.

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