IPA: ɑbɫˈeɪʃʌn


  • The offering of worship, thanks etc. to a deity.
  • (by extension) A deed or gift offered charitably.
  • The offering of bread and wine at the Eucharist

Examples of "oblation" in Sentences

  • The chief priest offer an oblation daily.
  • This is known as oblation for the church.
  • That the chief priest offer an oblation daily.
  • Offer oblation to the gods and you shall live.
  • Oblation is a quality of virtuousity in Kshatriya.
  • The proportion of this oblation is here determined, which was not done by the law of Moses.
  • (James i. 26); and if our religion be a vain oblation, a vain religion, how great is that vanity!
  • But the effects of these priestly acts, that is, his oblation and intercession, are of two sorts: -- 1.
  • And again, the oblation, that is, the portion for the tribes, shall be five and twenty thousand (Eze 48: 20).
  • We may dismiss at once such fanciful explanations as that missa is the Hebrew missah ( "oblation" -- so Reuchlin and
  • The Greeks are said to have esteemed radishes so highly that, in offering oblations to Apollo, they presented them in beaten gold.
  • "It is lawful for publicans to swear that is an oblation which is not; that you are of the king's retinue when you are not," &c. that is, publicans may deceive, and that by oath.
  • The word oblation, from the supine of the Latin verb offero ( "to offer"), is etymologically akin to offering, but is, unlike the latter, almost exclusively restricted to matters religious.
  • Also, hanging from the rafters are to be seen fish traps, wild chicken traps, religious objects such as oblation trays, a guitar, or a bamboo harp, and if it is a priest's house, a drum and gong.
  • _I answer that, _ First-fruits are a kind of oblation, because they are offered to God with a certain profession (Deut. 26); where the same passage continues: "The priest taking the basket containing the first-fruits from the hand of him that bringeth the first-fruits, shall set it before the altar of the Lord thy God," and further on
  • DOUGLAS: That's a new technology called oblation of a heart rhythm, where a catheter goes up through the vein in the leg and up into the heart and produces very teeny, tiny burns in an area of the heart that is causing the arrhythmia or the heart rhythm problem, and by causing that tiny scar, almost microscopic can get rid of the abnormal heart rhythm and actually cure the illness.

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