IPA: ˈɑbɫʌgeɪtɪd


  • (Canada, US, Scotland) committed
  • (Canada, US, Scotland) having an obligation; obliged

Examples of "obligated" in Sentences

  • He is not obligated to reply in the slightest.
  • That word obligated stuck with me and kept me moving toward the finish line.
  • "He's obligated, that is, unless his failure to pay has no real consequences for you and your family?"
  • He's obligated, that is, unless his failure to pay has had no real consequences for you and your family.
  • The license terms obligated the Kurdish companies to hold talks on connecting their long-divided networks.
  • If they do feel consistently obligated, is it too late to contest my credit card charges to their campaigns?
  • JB: The rest of that money is obligated, meaning that it's supporting projects that are under contract but are not yet completed.
  • The project does not need the community's approval before opening shelters, the city is legally obligated only to notify community boards.
  • Congress has a duty to uphold the constitution, just like the Court, and is entitled obligated, even to use its legitimate powers to do so.
  • However, others on the Aurora City Council reportedly justified the expense by saying since Aurora has the Aurora Election Commission, the City of Aurora taxpayers were "obligated" to just pay the bill.

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