IPA: ɑbɫʌgˈeɪʃʌn


  • The act of binding oneself by a social, legal, or moral tie to someone.
  • A social, legal, or moral requirement, duty, contract, or promise that compels someone to follow or avoid a particular course of action.
  • A course of action imposed by society, law, or conscience by which someone is bound or restricted.
  • (law) A legal agreement stipulating a specified action or forbearance by a party to the agreement; the document containing such agreement.
  • (countable) Reason for being obliged to, that is, grateful for, something.

Examples of "obligation" in Sentences

  • The obligation is to live by the policies.
  • Obligation of eliciting the act of contrition.
  • The word, "obligation" is very draining sometimes.
  • It is the obligation of the editor to avoid plagiarism.
  • Privileges and obligations are associated with the trinket.
  • The source of the obligation is the VCLT, not the later treaty.
  • Absenteeism is a habitual pattern of absence from a duty or obligation.
  • The distinguishing obligation of a fiduciary is the obligation of loyalty.
  • I myself said to you that you were ridiculously exaggerating what you called your obligation to me.
  • Hospitals are indeed required to provide emergency care to any walk-in patient, and this obligation is a meaningful public service.
  • Of course you want to be fair and respectful to the author, but your main obligation is to the readers of the review and by extension, to
  • _perfect obligation_ is one that can be enforced -- one that exists where there is a right to compel the party on whom the obligation rests to fulfill it.
  • This obligation is the first, the foremost, the most essential for this generation, for a world fit for human beings to live in cannot be built while there is recurrent war or the possibility of it.
  • And certainly while Mr. Maynard and I have existence — but I do not want that a mind so over and above sensible of what you call obligation, should be brought to fancy yourself in a state of dependance; even upon us.
  • Consider the long run of life and take in all the interests of it, and you will find that what we call obligation to God, not only does not infringe upon your pleasures, but actually commands you on, to the greatest and highest enjoyments of which you are capable.

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