IPA: ˈɑbɫʌgeɪtɝʌɫi


  • In an obligatory manner.

Examples of "obligatorily" in Sentences

  • She then obligatorily tossed Dick Cheney a prop for his work with muscling Congress.
  • And I DO have to watch the game tomorrow (Go, Colts, she said, obligatorily.) 4: 39 PM
  • And introduces a brand new segment of the show with the obligatorily muscular sounding name:
  • I find this a nice counter-example to any claim that English suffixation is obligatorily logical.
  • Woods, when asked about his "realistic expectation" for the week, obligatorily said he's here to win.
  • English plainly doesn't have postpositions in the strict sense, i.e. an item which governs a noun phrase and obligatorily occurs after the noun phrase.
  • How is it that I know without even discussing it, that on the war between China and Viet Nam that took place, one or the other is obligatorily all right and the other all wrong?
  • We can conclude, then, that numeral expressions of the form more than n NP or between n and m NP trigger denotations that are obligatorily maximalized, but this is not the case for simple numerals of the form n NP.

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