IPA: pˈæbjʌɫʌm


  • Food or fodder, particularly that taken in by plants or animals.
  • Material that feeds a fire.
  • (figuratively) Food for thought.
  • (figuratively) Bland intellectual fare; an undemanding diet of words.

Examples of "pabulum" in Sentences

  • Leaving it out would leave pabulum.
  • This is absolutely horrible devotee credulous pabulum.
  • Family fare with good characters that bounce between pabulum and tears?
  • They supposed that the air contained a principle proper for the support and nourishment of life, which they called pabulum vitae.
  • An architect of the White House's earlier policies dismissed Mr. Bellinger's remarks as "pabulum" from a State Department that is too solicitous of international institutions.
  • The "pabulum" to which Christie was referring: O'Malley's comments on a recent radio show in which he said Christie's brand of pension reform showed that the New Jersey Republican "delights in being abusive towards public employees."
  • Though its once-scandalous content nowadays can't compete with the pabulum of reality TV, the production, in the hands of Daavid and his talented cast, successfully examines a chain reaction that begins with five rooms of furniture being hauled away for non-payment.
  • Two weeks ago, the EPA had to omit the entire global-warming section from its "Draft Report on the Environment," a 30-year statistical snapshot of the U.S. environment, after the administration tried to replace solid findings with "pabulum," according to outgoing EPA administrator Christie Whitman.

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