IPA: pˈæk


  • (originally) A moccasin with a sole made of leather or deerskin.
  • A pac boot.
  • A surname.
  • Proto-Algic (compare PA, PAn)
  • (computing) Initialism of programmable automation controller.
  • (computing) Initialism of proxy auto-config (file).
  • (US politics) Initialism of political action committee.
  • (software design) Initialism of presentation-abstraction-control.
  • (military) Abbreviation of Pacific. (Pacific Ocean) [The Pacific Ocean.]
  • Alternative form of Pac. (abbreviation of Pacific)


  • Alternative form of Pac. (abbreviation of Pacific)

Examples of "pac" in Sentences

  • PAC information can be relevant.
  • Pac was victorious in this match.
  • PAC learning in the structured domain.
  • This article is not only about the PAC.
  • The PAC will begin with the letters ORG.
  • A pac man machine will only play pac man.
  • What is the address of the headquarters of the PAC
  • As they vote with the pac, for their piece of the pie.
  • Therefore, information about a PAC is worthwhile even if it's a small PAC.
  • Like his campaign, the PAC supporting Romney has far outdistanced its rivals in spending.

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