IPA: pˈeɪs


  • Step.
  • A step taken with the foot.
  • The distance covered in a step (or sometimes two), either vaguely or according to various specific set measurements.
  • Way of stepping.
  • A manner of walking, running or dancing; the rate or style of how someone moves with their feet.
  • Any of various gaits of a horse, specifically a 2-beat, lateral gait.
  • Speed or velocity in general.
  • (cricket) A measure of the hardness of a pitch and of the tendency of a cricket ball to maintain its speed after bouncing.
  • (collective) A group of donkeys.
  • (obsolete) Passage, route.
  • (obsolete) One's journey or route.
  • (obsolete) A passage through difficult terrain; a mountain pass or route vulnerable to ambush etc.
  • (obsolete) An aisle in a church.
  • Easter.
  • A surname.
  • A census-designated place in Florida.
  • A town in Mississippi.
  • Acronym of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
  • (UK, law) Acronym of Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.
  • (US, labor union) Acronym of Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union.


  • To walk back and forth in a small distance.
  • To set the speed in a race.
  • To measure by walking.


  • (cricket) Describing a bowler who bowls fast balls.

Examples of "pace" in Sentences

  • Now the pace of development quickened.
  • The pace and the turnover is incredible.
  • The result quickens the pace of the game.
  • The pace of the trials was extremely fast.
  • They also quickened the pace of the texts.
  • The music crescendoes as the pace quickens.
  • The shooting is progressing at a brisk pace.
  • However, the pace of the tour was exhausting.
  • They delivered the piece with pace and panache.
  • The pace is frantic, tempestuous and adventurous.
  • The mini potato rolls are tasty, and a nice change in pace from the other burger places in Midtown
  • IBM's model lasted for a couple of generations, Microsoft's for barely a generation; the pace is accelerating.
  • This season, Rafa Benitez's troops are well off the title pace and are battling simply to ensure they finish fourth to secure another season of UEFA Champions League football.
  • However, that said, given the amount of creative blindsiding we have been exposed to for two seasons already, I would not assume that this lapse in pace is something we are likely to see continue.
  • That might feel ominous for Villas-Boas, whose team sit fourth in the Premier League, 14 points off the title pace and casting nervous glances back at the pack chasing the final Champions League spot.
  • At the same stage of last season, however, Arsenal slipped off the title pace by drawing five games in a row - four of them 0-0 - although they didn't face any of their traditional title rivals during that run.
  • I've somehow molted the Camus of it all and have been walking at my own pace through the meat of New York City, ignoring the pedestrian traffic that I am fucking up by not keeping * the pace* and walking at the gait my mind sets for my body.

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