pace car

IPA: pˈeɪskˈɑr


  • (motor racing) A car that other cars drive behind before a race starts.
  • (motor racing) A car that paces the race cars to keep them running at a slower pace due to race conditions, and which the other cars cannot pass.

Examples of "pace-car" in Sentences

  • This casual event includes camping on-site, a Friday-night toga party and pace-car rides ($10).
  • The speedway has a rich tradition of using celebrity pace-car drivers from outside auto racing.
  • The potential presidential candidate said he would not be the celebrity pace-car driver for the
  • Race organizers then put Elaine Irwin Mellencamp in the car as the first female pace-car driver.
  • While they may be the pace-car for today's written communications, not everyone is happy about emails.
  • Trump was chosen as the pace-car driver last month, but withdrew Thursday after criticism that he was too divisive.
  • All the elvensteeds were in car-shape, and they streamed behind him as if he were a demented pace-car driver, in a LeMans race to hell.
  • On Friday, the four-time race winner accepted the invitation to replace Donald Trump as the celebrity pace-car driver, ending a brewing controversy for the May 29 race.

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