IPA: pˈeɪsmeɪkɝ


  • One who sets the pace in a race, to guide the others.
  • (anatomy) A set of nerves which stimulate the heart to beat.
  • (by extension, medicine) A medical implement that is used to stimulate a heart to beat by simulating the action of the natural pacemaker.

Examples of "pacemaker" in Sentences

  • He received a pacemaker in 2004.
  • They're talking about a pacemaker.
  • It won the Pacemaker in 2001 as well.
  • Other devices with pacemaker function.
  • Pacemaker patient identification card.
  • If channels in cardiac pacemaker cells .
  • There are multiple entries for pacemaker.
  • Membrane composition as a metabolic pacemaker.
  • It is an operation like a pacemaker or appendectomy.
  • I think the vice president used the term pacemaker plus.
  • Leahy says this so-called pacemaker plus lets him live on borrowed time.
  • The most serious side effect seen in the pacemaker has been an infection linked to surgery.
  • We all know that heart monitor or pacemaker is just an illusion and has no basis on quantum mechanics.
  • He's also had quadruple bypass surgery, a stent, and what Mr. Cheney called a pacemaker-plus implanted.
  • I wonder how the average handicapped person with false limbs or a pacemaker is going to like on that scanner …
  • It is in the so-called pacemaker of their brain, which regulates the activities of other cells of the body through the day.
  • The research, led by scientists in the U.K., targeted the HCN2 gene, one of four genes that form a so-called pacemaker or HCN channel, which regulates electrical activity in the heart.
  • Deep brain stimulation, sometimes called a pacemaker for the brain, has helped halt tremors in more than 100,000 patients with Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders since 1997.

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