IPA: pˈeɪsɝ


  • One who paces.
  • In harness racing, a horse with a gait in which the front and back legs on one side take a step together alternating with the legs on the other side; as opposed to a trotter.
  • A pacemaker (one who sets the pace in a race).
  • (Australia) A mechanical pencil.
  • (rail transport) A British lightweight railbus diesel multiple unit of class 140, 141, 142, 143 or 144.

Examples of "pacer" in Sentences

  • And again, don't compare a spinner and pacer.
  • An improved pacer for controlling tachycardia.
  • The leader of the Ampersand division of PACER.
  • The Pacer was the replacement for the Super 10.
  • Not having a pacer account, I cannot access the opinion.
  • The Pacers also completed the buyout of troubled PG Jamaal Tinsley.
  • A pacer and a cyclist fell in front of Merckx's pacer, Fernand ambst.
  • The introverted PACER who originally brought Sysreq into the PACER world.
  • The Lakers managed six games to dispose of the Indiana Pacers in the Finals.
  • The strong high-mettled steed of Kentucky and Tennessee, the light "pacer" of
  • During the 1990s, both the Knicks and the Pacers were perennial playoff teams.
  • The 'pacer' in this instance brought with him no commendation in the eyes of the
  • The seemingly unthreatening pacer, who was smashed for 24 runs by Pakistani openers.
  • In races such as the Columbus marathon last week, Carringer acts as a "pacer" for other runners.
  • Later, he was told he was entered into the bowling alley's computer that night as a "pacer," not a substitute.
  • He was very much in the position of a cyclist on the track; it needed a 'pacer' to show how slowly he was travelling.
  • SYDNEY - Australia has called pacer Clint McKay as a spare bowler due to Ben Hilfenhaus 'shoulder injury ahead of the second Test against Pakistan.
  • When we finally rounded a corner and caught up to the "pacer", we were so relieved that we needed to celebrate with our old friend Andy Gump again.
  • A few trials showed us the struggle was useless: we had to deal with a regular "pacer," and -- as I have elsewhere remarked -- their speed is greater than that of any fair trotter, although so fatiguing that they are unable to keep it up for any great distance; but as we had already turned the bottom of the car into a gravel-pit, we did not think it worth while to continue the amusement.

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