IPA: pˈeɪsɛtɝ


  • A person who determines the rate of action through leading.

Examples of "pacesetter" in Sentences

  • In 1988, she received the Pacesetter Award.
  • The new pacesetter must pick up the London baton.
  • The college has been a national pacesetter in education.
  • The Renegade Rip won Pacesetter awards in 2003 and 2008.
  • They are not nimble or adaptable enough to be pacesetters.
  • He is currently the traveling NASTAR, the pacesetter of the industry.
  • At this amazing turnaround, we remember with gratitude the pacesetters.
  • The eventual result was the formation of a new company, Pacesetter Systems.
  • New York has become a national pacesetter on passing laws aimed at curbing obesity.
  • Sarah Fisher stepped into IndyCar cockpits and became a kind of pacesetter for Danica Patrick.
  • New York does not use rabbits, or pacesetters, so the lead runners had to work off one another.
  • Hamilton heads into the race 21 points behind title pacesetter Button after his cruel tyre failure in Barcelona last week.
  • In Malaysia Schumacher was forced to retire due to a wheel nut issue, leaving him 30 points behind title pacesetter Felipe Massa.
  • And the title pacesetter was 0. 7sec quicker than team-mate Jenson Button, who racked up 36 laps in his car only to finish back in 15th spot.
  • Plush bath tissue recently earned the honor of "pacesetter" status from marketing research firm Symphony IRI Group after generating $125 million in sales in its first year.
  • Disney cited Playdom's titles Social City, Sorority Life, Market Street and Bola, as well as its estimated 42 million active players a month, as a reason for the purchase, calling Playdom a "pacesetter" in the field.

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