IPA: pʌtʃˈɪzi


  • An ancient Indian board game in which players, throwing dice, shells, etc. to determine the distance of each move, attempt to be the first to take all of their counters around the board.

Examples of "pachisi" in Sentences

  • This sounds much more like pachisi.
  • It may be a modified version of Pachisi.
  • It may be a language variation from Pachisi or Parcheesi words.
  • The stories of the vetala have been compiled in the book Baital Pachisi.
  • In 6th high school boys circle jerk it was originated in india by pachisi.
  • The influence of the Panchatantra and Baital Pachisi are particularly notable.
  • The pachisi board, like I said, takes the idea of the polis but to the global scale.
  • Ludo is the youthfulabdominal classic children's download rihanna pom de replay free of the multitudinous area pachisi.
  • Xoa had come in from the kitchen and was setting out a small table on which the pachisi board was ready for the evening's regular recreation.
  • Near the recreation building is the famous pachisi or chess board, similar to the one at Agra, where Akbar and his vizier, sitting opposite, marshalled the slave girls to and fro.
  • I am fed up with the decent usb flash storage of elite, sitter, ads and freebie normalcy the tarot that bookseller to straightforwardness for the pachisi of the pachycheilia and illyria.
  • In the court a portion of the marble pavement is made to represent a pachisi or chess board, and it is said the game was played with slave girls, who were used instead of the customary chessmen.
  • In this regard, they were quite unlike the prevailing 'mass market' boardgames published by companies like Parker, Milton Bradley, and Kenner, which mostly slapped marketable themes on top of proven mechanics the track game, pachisi variants, peg solitaire, etc.
  • The game of the Hindoos, called pachisi, is played upon a cross-shaped board or cloth; it is a combination of checkers and draughts, with the throwing of dice, the dice determining the number of moves; when the Spaniards entered Mexico they found the Aztecs playing a game called patolli, identical with the Hindoo pachisi, on a similar cross-shaped board.

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