IPA: pʌtʃˈuɫi


  • Alternative spelling of patchouli [Any of several East Indian plants in the genus Pogostemon, especially Pogostemon cablin, which yield a highly fragrant oil.]

Examples of "pachouli" in Sentences

  • I am not a conspriacy theory-loving, religion-hating, pachouli-wearing leftist hippie.
  • As this plan plays out in my head, pachouli has another idea, and braps me right before the culvert.
  • Anyone who thinks pachouli smells good or is an appropriate substitute for showering should be locked up.
  • So many choices, I love vanilla, cinnamon, pachouli, ylang ylang. so many thanks for sharing ceashark at aol dot com
  • Yes, it's populated with extremist youngsters who think that idealism and pachouli are enough to get anything changed in this nation.
  • Just as I am seeing 1 lap to go, I feel the pachouli-breath of a CU punk on my tail, and I formulate a plan. actually, the kid was cool, but i gotta get some feud going somehow.
  • It is run by this group ANSWER and some other coalition groups that are basically a bunch of pachouli-soaked nut jobs, who are Marxists, anarchists, who have all sorts of bizarre agendas about what the world should be about.

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