IPA: pʌtʃˈukoʊ


  • (US, countable) A Mexican American, especially a juvenile delinquent in the Los Angeles area.
  • (uncountable) An argot spoken by that group, sometimes known as caló.

Examples of "pachuco" in Sentences

  • Skogie and the Flaming Pachucos.
  • It is a product of zoot suit or Pachuco culture.
  • I put a bit of pachuco Canal Street slang talking.
  • A person from El Paso was referred to as del pachuco.
  • I moved the part about the Zoot Suit to the Pachuco article.
  • Pachuca is an actual term that is the female form of the pachuco.
  • This is a city, not equal to a Pachuco in the USA sense of the word.
  • I think it will make the Pachuco article more balanced in many ways.
  • This is the cover art for the single Pachuco by the artist Kumbia Kings.
  • Tin Tan played a 'pachuco' character appearing with a zoot suit in his films.
  • (Let's go to El Paso), "and correctly so on your part, the word pachuco was born.
  • Subsequently, newspapers dropped the word "Mexican" from their reports, and substituted, instead, the term pachuco or zoot suiter.
  • I appreciated your explanation of the word pachuco to Still Terrified in East LA, noting that it is derived from our reference to our beloved city of El Paso.
  • If the governor had the power simply to round up every pachuco in the state and put them in camps, like Roosevelt has done with the Japanese, I think Olson would exercise the right in a heartbeat.
  • Bracero and pachuco, I know were actual terms used at the time and not necessarily full-on racial slurs though obviously used so by whatever pus-filled nutsack of a racist, sexist lunatic wrote this mess.

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