IPA: pætʃɪsˈɛfʌɫʌsˈɔr


  • Any of a group of herbivorous dinosaurs, of the genus Pachycephalosaurus from the late Cretaceous period.

Examples of "pachycephalosaur" in Sentences

  • A pachycephalosaur GA would be nice.
  • It had the tallest dome of any known pachycephalosaur.
  • Thanks for your recent edits to all the pachycephalosaur articles.
  • The pachycephalosaur was the largest prey so far he had killed on its own.
  • This was the first report of a pachycephalosaur in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Going by that, the pachycephalosaur looks like it's within current estimates.
  • They compared them to dozens of fossils from related species found in Canada and Montana before confirming that the fossils represented a new genus of pachycephalosaur, a group of bipedal, thick-skulled dinosaurs.

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