IPA: pætʃɪdɝm


  • (obsolete, zoology) A member of the obsolete taxonomic order Pachydermata, grouping of thick-skinned, hoofed animals such as the rhinoceros, hippopotamus, elephant and tapir.
  • (informal) An elephant
  • (idiomatic) A person with thick skin; someone who is not affected by or does not care what others say about him or her.
  • (idiomatic) Someone who is insensitive.

Examples of "pachyderm" in Sentences

  • Just the horn of an irascible, endangered pachyderm.
  • However, the pachyderm in this room is too big to be ignored.
  • Jwest, a pachyderm sleeping on the job doesnt call the shots.
  • Pachyderma is the thickening of skin like that of a pachyderm.
  • Unless, of course, it is plagued by a case of pachyderm amnesia.
  • I say it stays regardless of how it was portrayed thet pachyderm.
  • Googling "pachyderm" repeatedly and not getting the desired result.
  • The elephant is in many ways a pachyderm of psychological proportions.
  • Others firmly defended the legitimacy of the pachyderm platform pipes.
  • The pachyderm was attached to a small circus that performed in the city.
  • The concerts also featured the trio's mascot and pachyderm pal, Elephant.
  • The pachyderm arrived on July 1, 802 to the Emperor's residence in Aachen.
  • The zoo has closed the pachyderm house to visitors until the weather warms up.
  • To be in politics, a person is better off, bein 'called a pachyderm, rather than a weasel.
  • The paper said the pachyderm is estimated to be 18 years old and is the fifth white elephant captured since 2001.
  • For example, "Elephants" actually features brass recalling a pachyderm call, accompanied by string screeches sounding like wayward seabirds.
  • 'Dismissing constitutional checks and balances, which cannot resist it or deflect its course, the presidential pachyderm is spurred only by forces that stand outside institutions -- the media and the street.'
  • BBB when you can show me something in the asinus or pachyderm bill that shows where government is forcing doctors to work for a government run health care operation to provide public health care services you are just parroting things you have heard.
  • Although I have to say, at risk of losing my status as a sycophant (and when did a term for crazy members of the pachyderm family become the descriptor for a slavish follower? ba-dum-bum) that the "if I'm pissing people off on both sides of an issue then I must be right" ain't necessarily so.

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