IPA: pætʃɪdˈɝmʌ


  • (medicine) Abnormal thickening of the skin.

Examples of "pachyderma" in Sentences

  • Pachyderma is the thickening of skin like that of a pachyderm.
  • N. pachyderma (s) left coiling, (c) the concentrations of microcharcoal surface area
  • They studied dO18 in N pachyderma, also constrained sedimentatino rate by tephra fromn 1947 dated to Hekla and 1918 at 15 cm dated to Katia.
  • When she sequenced the ribosomal DNA from three species - and Neogloboquadrina pachyderma-she found the genes to be so similar that, she says
  • 18O values of the planktonic foraminifera Globigerina bulloides and the development of the polar foraminifera Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (s.) left coiling.
  • In another species (_S. catenulata_) what seems a minute chain of distinctly formed elliptical links drops down the middle of each flute; in yet another (_S. oculata_) the carvings are of an oval form, and, bearing each a round impression in its centre, they somewhat resemble rows of staring goggle-eyes; while the carvings in yet another species (_S. pachyderma_) consist chiefly of crescent-shaped depressions.

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