IPA: pætʃɪdɝmʌtʌs


  • Of or relating to the pachyderms.
  • Like an elephant.
  • (humorous) Thick-skinned; insensitive.

Examples of "pachydermatous" in Sentences

  • Cutler, the British officer, was pachydermatous to ideas, but punctilious about behaviour.
  • Those having the fewest dermal plates were most agile, while their more pachydermatous mates toiled in ponderous slow motion.
  • Farther on, the pachydermatous lophiodon (crested toothed), a gigantic tapir, hides behind the rocks to dispute its prey with the anoplotherium
  • But even a Flamburian may at last be pierced; and then (as with other pachydermatous animals) the hole, once made, is almost certain to grow larger.
  • She had piqued his curiosity, aroused his interest and disturbed by just a pin-prick his pachydermatous equanimity; she would not raise again before the draw.
  • This combination, of ratlike claws and pachydermatous-size insteps, causes the subject to be very cautious about where, and indeed when, he takes off his shoes.
  • In advance of the troops came the armoured train, a pachydermatous monster which moved cumbrously in front of the column, and was saluted by the smoking wrath of big guns as soon as it appeared.
  • A dozen of red partridges and rays were speedily brought down, and Glenarvan also managed very cleverly to kill a TAY-TETRE, or peccary, a pachydermatous animal, the flesh of which is excellent eating.
  • The wonder is that the country ever got governed at all, but it seems that all public men who had any fixed and sensible ideas and wished to see them carried out, had to make themselves callous, pachydermatous, hardened against this offensive mud-slinging.

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