IPA: pætʃɪdˈɝmɪk


  • (medicine) Characterized by or characteristic of pachydermy.
  • Pertaining to the obsolete taxonomic order Pachydermata.
  • Pertaining to or involving elephants.
  • Massive; elephantine.
  • Ponderous; slow and deliberate.
  • Thick-skinned; insensitive.

Examples of "pachydermic" in Sentences

  • Perhaps the pachydermic Beef's grim attitude unnerved the wonderful Bob
  • Our blundering political system is pachydermic in its irresponsiveness.
  • At length, he left the road on which the pachydermic aggregation had lumbered for some distance, and turned up a long lane, leading to a farm-house.
  • The pachydermic Butch, fully dressed -- and awake, raging in his wrath like an active volcano, glanced at his watch, and discovered that it was exactly five A.M.!
  • Never before, or afterward, not even when the luckless Butch fell in love, and T. Haviland Hicks, Jr., assisted Cupid, did the pachydermic Butch act so insanely as on this occasion.
  • Instinctively realizing that the pachydermic parade was headed for < i > his </i > room, T. Haviland Hicks, Jr., rushed to the closet, murmuring, "Safety first!" as usual, and stowed away his banjo.
  • And absolutely nothing is quite so ghastly sad as the sight of those same well-flushed, well-fleshed Germans cavorting about between the hours of two and four-thirty A.M., trying, with all the pachydermic ponderosity of
  • So the pachydermic concept with the thunderous footfall is this: can a painter who veers back and forth between emphatically paint-as-paint abstractions (Richter squeegees the stuff across canvases on the studio floor) and a form of painstaking realism be taken seriously as a whole?
  • T.e spectacle Butch Brewster beheld was indeed one to paralyze that pachydermic collegian, T. Haviland Hicks, Jr., the sunny-souled, irrepressible Senior, danced madly about on the tiger-skin rug in midfloor, evidently laboring under the delusion that he was a lunatical Hottentot at
  • Big Butch Brewster, his pachydermic frame draped in his gown, and his mortar-board cap on his head, for the Seniors were required to wear their regalia during Commencement week, was bellowing through a megaphone, as he stood on the steps of Bannister Hall, and Mr. Hicks, with his cheerful son, listened:

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