IPA: pætʃɪsˈændrʌ


  • (botany) A genus, Pachysandra, of four or five species of evergreen shrubs or subshrubs, belonging to the boxwood family, Buxaceae, used ornamentally as groundcover.

Examples of "pachysandra" in Sentences

  • (One might never find its way out of the pachysandra.)
  • Once I thought I got close and I almost died - and it was just a hose moving through some patch of pachysandra.
  • There's a dark patch of pachysandra that grows by the thin line of trees that separates our yard from the neighbors.
  • We burned you up (though you mentioned the River); the mother-bitch and I watched the old lamb jiggle you into a hole amid the sprawls of pachysandra.
  • Growing up in Boston, Charlie had met any number of these short, plucky, velvet-eyed ladies; they were as common in these parts as pachysandra and chrysanthemums.
  • So I hacked that all down and hauled it away, cleaned up about ten years of pine needles, repositioned the feeders, and then went and bought a couple trays of pachysandra, which is a nice ground cover, works really well in acidic soil, and is native to the aimai

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